CB Diets©  is a software application that generates a variety of reports used in food and nutrition services in long term care facilities. The program is designed to be very user-friendly, allowing easy data entry and single-step report generation.

The CB Diets©  Office system consists of the main Dietary module, the optional Weights module and optional Nutritional Assessment module.  The initialization fee varies with the number of modules selected.

The CB Diets© Office system is available only through a lease agreement. The continuing lease fee entitles the user to a single site license to use the application and includes user support and access to upgrades to the software. 

The initialization fee  includes initial site configuration, training, and (optional) input of basic resident information.


As Nutrition and Food Service Management professionals, you are responsible for the health and the well being of residents and your facility's financial needs. CB Diets© can work for you by providing assistance with:


At CB Diets©, we take a personal interest Long Term Care. Our standards are those you would like in a health care professional - integrity, thoroughness, excellence, professionalism and above all we are resident focused.

Streamlining your diet office allows Dietitians and Nutrition Managers to focus on resident care and continuous quality improvements.

CB Diets© ONE STEP program will assist you and your facility.
ONE STEP …data entry updates all records!
ONE STEP… one window resident data entry!

CB Diets© is Quality Assurance in action.


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