TNS Desktop Inc. was incorporated in Vancouver British Columbia in 2001. Our staff members are committed to providing clients with quality software and the services needed to achieve their goals. Together, we have over 50 years of combined programming experience in software development, PC support, training and education. On-going training and certifications enable the company to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and appropriate support, product and services.

We have over 30 years experience in the Nutrition and Food Service Management industry. We have taken our knowledge and experience and have translated best practice standards into an efficient product that services diverse food service systems.


Our mission is to provide organizations with superior software products and services that will maximize efficiencies, reduce costs and that meet or exceed best practice standards in the food service industry.


CB Diets© was developed in the field to meet actual needs.

In 1997, our beta site, a 96-bed intermediate care facility, underwent strategic renewal. Staff, residents and families took on the challenging task of redesigning their facility operations.

During this process the food services department was completely renovated and CB Diets© was in its infancy stage. By the time the project was completed CB Diets© had grown to meet the need.

Peers and colleagues requested a commercial version be developed to assist the nutrition and food service management industry in long term care. We accepted the challenge and committed to the project.

In 1999 we implemented the Clinical Assessment and in 2000 we launched the Entrée Analysis section of the program. In 2001, we introduced Resident Photographs and many other options.

CB Diets now features weight tracking, labels, entree production analysis, updateable table maps and a host of other features.

In 2001, TNS Desktop Inc. began implementing CB Diets© in other facilities.

CB Diets© has matured into a useful and versatile software package. We currently serve facilities that range from 45 to 300 resident beds in 1 to 20 wings and from 1 to 10 dining rooms, each with a diverse food service system. The wide range of reports and easy to use input forms have made our software an instant favourite with our clients.

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